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Why aren't different roles defined in your solutions. Currently I see owner and user.
What about administrators etc..

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planned  ·  AdminMailtrap (Mailtrap, Mailtrap) responded  · 

Thanks for your input.
We agree that expanding Mailtrap’s administration roles and permissions is important to our users, and currently, it is one of the priority tasks on our to-do list. We’ll be releasing this functionality with a new version.
Stay tuned! :)

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  • Larry Wilson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We're finding that our shared inbox testers have more access than we'd like to manage inboxes, mark all as read, etc.

    Instead of the default role being "User will get full access to this inbox and its messages", it would be great if a shared mailbox user defaulted to read and delete one email at a time (maybe mark all as read and delete all, and, maybe we're just asking for more discrete roles). The owner or manager roles would be able to grant discrete roles to users as needed.

    We don't want everyone who has access to have the ability to manage the inbox. Default role testers should not have access to SMTP Settings, Email Address, Auto Forward, Manual Forward, and Users tabs. Only have access to the mail view tabs (HTML, HTML Source, Text, Raw, Analysis).


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